Check your Anode Annually

As the name implies, the anode sacrifices itself to protect the rest of the hot water system. Most caravan HWS Anode's should be checked annually.  Their corrosion rate is also dependant on usage times and water quality.  Corrosion (or rust) is the result of electrolytic action which travels through the water and reacts with the surface of the metal at risk.

A sacrificial anode works by attracting electrolytes more strongly than the rest of the hot water system, keeping other system components out of harm’s way.
Here is how to handle the job:
Our van features a 15 litre Suburban HWS.  First up, make sure the water is cold. Turn off water pump. Activate pressure release valve to release the pressure of the water inside.
Using a 1 1/16" socket (or 27mm) on an extension driver, remove anode and inspect. If oxidised replace with a new one after allowing all sediment in the bottom of the hot water service tank to flush out. Ensure thread has been wrapped with plumbers tape to seal and prevent seepage.  Once finished make sure you fill your tank again before turning on HWS.

A new anode can be purchased at any reputable caravan equipment store or dealer at a cost of around $20 - $25.00  Alternatively place it on your shopping list to buy at the next Caravan and Camping Show and grab a bargain!  We carry a spare with us at all times.

Let's Ask Some Questions

Pam & Alan have now been travelling Australia for almost 2 years in their home/office 21’Caravan and Ford Ranger.  We ask them some questions –

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We hit the road nearly two years ago now, with our two existing camp chairs, both Spinnifex non padded high backed adjustable chairs.  Fine for occasional camping and sitting around the camp fire with your feet up on a milk crate, but after two years of use, working full time on the road we were developing “numb bum” syndrome.

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Cooking while on the road

Living full-time on the road in our 21ft caravan we value our eco-friendly DreamPot.  It’s easy to use, efficient and always delivers a hot meal after a long day on the road.

DreamPot is thermal cooking, a portable, easy-to-use, cooking appliance which uses only a fraction of the power or heating source to achieve magnificent meals anywhere or anytime. DreamPot is an Australian family operated company which has made meals for travelers much better since 1964. 

Here is one of our favorite recipes 

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Don't take your hoses for granted

Your good old drinking water food grade hose is more important than you actually realise.  In our case, living, working and travelling Australia full time in our caravan, the hose gets coiled up, placed in it’s bag and rattles along on the caravan A Frame when travelling.  Then at the next site, it’s thrown out onto the ground, clicked onto whatever size tap is provided and that’s it.  We just take it for granted and expect it to perform faultlessly.

Until one day ....

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Carrying bikes on your Caravan, Camper or RV

It is great to have your bikes with you when travelling on the big trip or even a short break.  It’s a healthier way to get around and explore the area or visit the shops instead of always taking the vehicle for short trips.  

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Caravan Courtesy

Be Courteous when Towing a Caravan
When out and about on the road remember that you are sharing the road with lots of others.  We hope that these tips will help you and others to stay safe.

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Living on the road with no fixed address

A Residential Address is required for Medicare, Vic Roads, Electoral Commission, Australian Tax Office and Insurance Policies require a Situation of Risk address.  In these cases we have used a relative’s address, our Accountants office address and our Insurance Brokers office address if the computer generated ‘field” will not accept Australia Wide.  

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