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Electrical Safety

The electrical system in a caravan should be checked regularly. Because a caravan is constantly on the move it is possible for connections to come loose due to vibrations. If the van or camper trailer is a pre owned unit it should be inspected to ensure that sittings are of the type approved for caravan use.

All light switches and power points must be a ‘double pole’ type. Extension leads that connect the van to the outside supply must have a 15amp rating. These leads can be identified by an earth pin that is wider than the other two.

When fitting accessories like shelves or towel rails always consult a caravan repair specialist to prevent drilling into hidden electrical cables.

Should it be necessary to replace the three pin plug or socket, it is essential that the cable fits neatly through the plug top to give maximum cable anchorages and prevent the entry of moisture. It ios recommended that the earth wire (your lifeline) is about 10mm longer than the other two conductors. This ensures that the active or neutral conductor will break first if any tension is imposed on the cable.

Additional safeguards and available to protect you from electrical faults. These are in the form of circuit breakers and earth leakage relays to disconnect the power when a circuit is overloaded as well as trip when a small current leakage to earth occurs.

All electrical work should be carried out by a licensed electrician.