From rookies to seasoned roadies Adele & Wayne have learned, laughed and loved every minute of their journey as a ‘family who caravans’…

When we started out we were completely clueless all things caravanning! Pre-kids, we were hotel people, we loved luxury and the thought of staying at a caravan park would have never crossed our minds.  Post-kids we discovered a whole new world of adventure along with a whole new respect for the Australian holiday park and camping industry. We were converted. We hope you might be too! If you aren’t you don’t know what you are missing – and we’d love to share with you!

Our caravan is our little slice of escapism, we love to take regular short breaks and this is the perfect fit to our day-to-day life. There are no hotels to book, no gear to pack. We love the ability to escape at the drop of a hat. Whatever style of trip suits your family be it epic ocean-to-ocean or just a mini-break we look forward to getting to know you. 
This website is our online shop for our Travel Journals & Log Books, but also a destination to find some ideas and tips, handy links and a curation of the things we love. THANK YOU so much for joining us on this adventure. We hope you re-discover family life just like we did!

Welcome to the journey! Adele, Wayne, Ashlee & Kate



Let's Caravan

If you’ve ever wondered what ‘kind of people’ go on caravan holidays you may be surprised – they actually are people JUST LIKE YOU! So, before you utter the words ‘over my dead body’ we encourage you to consider whether you’re actually a caravan-fan in the making… you just don’t know it yet!

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Getting kids to sleep on holidays: Three simple tips for blissful nights for everyone!

Getting children to sleep anywhere other than their beds can make for challenging nights. We are a caravanning family and it’s truly been a method of trial and error in learning the best way to get children to stay in routine and off to sleep fuss-free when away. Here are three of the best tips we’ve discovered in our travels that might make your own holiday more enjoyable…

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We took away their Tech

We took away their Tech & Gadgets and watched them play….
We live in a world of amazing technology, iPods, iPads, DS games and so much more.  Making travelling in the car so much more enjoyable for the whole family.  But what happens when you are on holidays, away caravanning or camping? Do you leave the tech at home? 

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