Checklist for Touring

Hitting the great outdoors doesn't have to mean leaving all of the modern conveniences at home, but it does mean you need to choose them carefully. Even the biggest motorhome has limited space for storing all that gear. The only thing worse than taking too much gear along with you on your journey is forgetting the important stuff.

Everyone has a different list of must-have gear for their RV, from a trusty can opener to all those cables for the laptop. But there are essential items that everyone should take on their trip.

Here's a quick checklist of items you might want to take with you on your next adventure:

Caravan/camper trailer/tent/swag: You're going to need somewhere to sleep!

Navigation: If you really want to get into another argument about map reading, go ahead – but GPS units have come a long way in recent years and make travelling more about looking out the window and less about trying to find magnetic north.

Communication: Caravanning wouldn't quite be the same without UHF radios to facilitate communication, check road conditions and even call for help. Most vanners use channel 18. Thongs: Because you're in Australia!

Hammer: Never mind putting in pegs, these things can fix dodgy starter motors and open cans when you forget the can opener! Portable toilet: Invaluable for when it's time to answer nature's call and there's not an amenities block in site.

Thermal cooking: A range of thermal cooking appliances are available. They are a fantastic way to ensure you don't have to cook after a day on the road – they literally cook while you drive!

Food storage: A good portable cooler or fridge is an absolute essential in any of the warm places you'd rather be.

Corkscrew: The good times can quickly turn into the mediocre times if you forget your corkscrew.

Camping lights: Fluros are cheap to run and light up your whole campsite. LEDs are nearly unbreakable, super-efficient and bright. Headlamps are very handy.

Camp chairs and table: True travellers only eat inside when they have to – and without these items the only alternative is sitting on the ground. Bring enough for the new mates you'll be making on the road.

Hat and shades: Forget these and you'll be paying double for a trucker's hat at the next roadhouse.

Caravan World Magazine: To help you plan your next adventure.

Clothes pegs: If you let the bloke pack you'll forget these for sure! Solar panel: Because the best things in life are free.

Spare keys (house/vehicle/RV): "Honey, I have absolutely no idea where the keys to the house are – we haven't needed them in weeks!" That's a conversation that, with a bit of forethought, you can avoid.

Fishing gear: Because the very best things in life are free!

Insurance: Your caravan is out there right next to your car on the road, so why wouldn't you insure it the same way? Insurance is no less important if you're a motorhomer.

Maps and destination guides: Available from a variety of places including online, book stores or you might be lucky enough to have your own GPS navigation system.