Modern caravans are built using either a timber, aluminium frame or sandwich panel and can vary in length from 3 to 12.5 metres. They can be up to 2.5 metres wide (including fittings). They require very little time to set up on site but can have a higher wind resistance when towing than a pop-top caravan or a camper trailer.


Pop-tops feature a canvas, vinyl or fabric insert that connects the roof to the sides of the caravan. The insert allows the roof to be lowered for travelling. With the roof lowered, the vehicle's height, and therefore wind resistance, is reduced and its centre of gravity is lowered.

Camper Trailers

With their light mass and low wind resistance, camper trailers and tent trailers are easy to tow and are suitable for smaller tow vehicles. The camper trailer is a low profile caravan with a wind-up roof and usually  push-out bed sections at either end of the trailer.

Fifth Wheelers

Fifth wheelers have an extension (or gooseneck) on the front that extends over the tow vehicle and sits on a round plate that looks like a wheel-hence the name 'fifth wheel'. This wheel rests on the tow vehicle, usually in the centre and directly above the rear axles and provides the support for the caravan. The tow vehicle is either a  utility or a truck.


A motorhome is a self powered, self contained unit driven from a cabin that allows easy access to  the rest of the vehicle.  They can range in length from 8 to 12.5 metres and weigh from 3.5 to 18 tonnes.

Slide Ons

Slide-on campers are caravan bodies which slide on and are secured to the tray of a utility. They are self-contained units that can packed, ready to go  at a moment's notice and can be made of on road and off road adventures.


A campervan is a motorised van equipped with sleeping, refrigeration, washing, cooking and dining facilities designed for recreational travel. They generally range in weight from 3 to 5.5 tonnes.

Tent Trailers

Tent trailers are a cross between a caravan and a luxury tent. They are compact and are popular for on and off-road use. With canvas extensions, they can make quite a large and comfortable camping unit.


A portable shelter usually made of canvas or plastic sheeting, stretched over a supporting framework of poles and secured with ropes and pegged into the ground.