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Towing a Caravan or Recreational Vehicle

Touring and towing a caravan or other recreational vehicle is one of the most exciting  ways to see Australia.  Not only is it an affordable holiday, it also gives you the freedom to  travel  to the destinations of your choice.

Australian caravans are among the best in the world, They are aerodynamically designed and can be towed easily and safely.

However, towing any type of trailer involves more than attaching a towbar to you vehicle and hitching up.

It adds another dimension to your driving and there are a number of considerations you should take into account. These include:

- The Towing Capacity of your vehicle
- The type of tow bar you should fit to your vehicle and the maximum load capacity of the coupling;
- The type of trailer you are towing and whether it complies with all the regulation governing trailers in Australia;
- The type of equipment you may need to fit to increase the trailer’s stability when being towed;
- Whether you trailer is correctly loaded;
- The ways in which towing can affect your driving;
- The safety checks you should make prior to and during your trip; and
- The type of insurance most suitable for your caravan or trailer.