We took away their Tech

We often have NO tech trips away with our girls.  They are 4 and 7 and love their iPads, but when we are away in the caravan, we all enjoy Tech free days and then occasionally finish the day with a movie before bedtime.  We have often wondered what it would be like if we didn’t limit their tech while we are away? What are the differences that we would see? ….our experiment was born.
We had one weekend away where we let the girls have access to their iPads at any time during the day…and another weekend where we had NO tech days…
Firstly the weekend with tech…
Well, to start with, the days were a lot quieter…they stayed around the campsite.  Sitting in their camp chairs or lying on the blanket they enjoyed playing games, watching Peppa Pig episodes, more games and watching a movie.
They got tired very quickly and despite having their iPads, they complained about being bored and were always hungry!  When we suggested they go for walk, they sighed and went back to their iPads.  We found ourselves diving into our own technology too, working on our laptops and playing Candy Crush.
It was not a very enjoyable weekend, we came home tired, a little grumpy and felt like we had not spent any time together at all.
Weekend days without Tech!
Not so quiet now…”Where are we going? What are we going to do? Where are we going to go? Can we do this? Can we go here?”  Enthusiasm plus! Once camp was set up, which they willingly helped with (maybe as there was nothing else to do but help) they were keen to EXPLORE…
They played in the leaves, they explored around the van, they chatted with the grey nomads next door, they collected leaves and sticks, they TALKED to each other, they talked to us, they made up a concert, drew pictures in the dirt.  We prepared a fruit platter for morning tea that they inhaled, but there were no sounds of “I’m hungry” at all.  This was the most surprising difference in our weekend. They then wanted to make everyone lunch and then continued with their explorations and adventures in the afternoon.  Dinner, eagerly filling in their Travel Journal and sleep… wow… what a day!  The day was busy, but relaxing and so much fun.  We all laughed and enjoyed each other company. Quality family time…
What a weekend! We came home tired, but a very different tired than the other weekend. This was a revived tired, a tired that comes from outdoor adventure.  There were no grumpy little girls, only big SMILES and double the dirty washing.
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