Caravan Industry Association Victoria launches Jobs, Career & Training Strategy


The Hon. Ben Carroll, Minister for Industry and Employment to launch the Caravan Industry Association Victoria’s (CIA VIC) Jobs, Career & Training Strategy.  This strategy has been developed directly from feedback provided by the Association’s members at the 2017 CIA VIC Members Industry Summit.  Members at the Summit expressed concerns about attracting, retaining and training staff and the direct impact this was having on their businesses and the likely long-term impacts on industry growth for the State.  The Association also conducted a short survey in 2017 which identified that our members were likely to create 200 plus jobs over the next two years.

The Council of the Association considered these issues and endorsed the development of a strategy to assist its members and the industry.  NEM Australia were engaged to develop a methodology that engaged with government departments / agencies, key educational and employment agencies to deliver a relevant and practical strategy for the industry.  As part of the process they were to work with the Association and key strategic stakeholders to identify the issues and to develop a practical action plan to drive careers in the caravan industry which Victoria has confirmed its domination of Australia’s $4.5 billion caravan industry in 2017 – accounting for almost half of the industry’s total economic contribution and almost two-thirds of its manufacturing jobs.  NEM Australia last worked for the Association in the development of the Victorian Caravan and Camping Industry Blueprint in 2012, which has been vital for the Association’s and the industry’s growth within Victoria. Victoria is the national manufacturing centre for the caravan and camping industry, which in total generates $2.1 billion of revenue per annum for the State of Victoria, employs over 6600 across 1165 trade businesses, plus an additional 1000 in camping equipment retailers and contributes $680 million per annum through wages and value-adding activities.

The industry has grown by 50% over the last six years since the Victorian Caravan and Camping Industry Blueprint was created, although caravan production has been steady over the last three years.
From the Blueprint recommendations, the National Caravan Industry Training College was created in 2015 and is now operating in partnership with Melbourne Polytechnic.
This Jobs, Career and Training Strategy will strengthen the Victorian Caravan and Camping Industry’s ability to attract and retain a motivated, innovative and rewarded workforce, at a time of many challenges, which include:
  • Skilled workers are in high demand during the current construction and infrastructure boom;
  • Industry members have 300+ vacancies;
  • Job-seekers often do not match current industry requirements and industry requirements do not match current jobseeker skills and desires;
  • Caravan Industry jobs are diverse, multidisciplinary, multi-locational and multi-aged, but are not a front-of-mind consideration for a career;
  • The importance of wages, conditions and security is high, but over-estimated, at job placement; and
  • Business culture is under-estimated and a major reason for leaving.
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Pictured: The Hon. Ben Carroll, Minister for Industry and Employment & Rob Lucas, Cheif Executive Officer, Caravan Industry Association Victoria

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