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Meet our Special Friends

Tammy the Tent

Tammy the Tent loves to explore, she enjoys the outdoors. She is made of Canvas, so the rain just falls off her. She enjoys staring at the stars at night next to a camp fire and loves to tell stories about her day.

Penny the Pop Top

Penny the Pop Top loves to cook, Up pops her top she opens the windows and what a great smell… ummm The smell of Anzac biscuits, try her recipe in the activity book. Penny loves Caravanning as she can cook for everyone in the great outdoors.

Mitch the Motorhome

Mitch the Motorhome, now he is the man of Adventure, he will take you on the road and show you places that will excite and intrigue you. He is self powered and self contained he just get's in and goes.

Corey the Caravan

Corey the Caravan loves to get his tow bar dirty by trying new things. He loves to be with his friends caravanning and camping and enjoys the campfire with Penny’s cooking and Tammy’s stories.

Win great prizes

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Did you Know?

Caravan Parks love Kids!

some have outdoor pools, jumping Pillow, games room, adventure playground & a movie room. They are great places to meet new friends and have a lots of fun.

Did you know that some Family Parks provide you a Free Caravanning Explorer Bag on your arrival filled with an activity book, pencils and stickers.

Did you know that there are caravans with bunk beds so the whole family can go Caravanning and Camping.

Did you know that there are more than ½ million registered caravans in Australia on the road, that means you can meet more friends when travelling around this great country.

Did you know that Kangaroo's cannot walk backwards!

Did you know that rabbits andparrots can see what is behind them without turining their heads.

Did you know that Australia is the only continent in the world that has no volcanoes.

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